Do you often struggle questioning how to get yourself known in your field?
Or do you wonder how to become a red umbrella among a sea of black ones?

The good news is you can use some techniques to get yourself known in the marketplace. In this post, I will help you understand three simple tactics to boost your personal brand, so that you can start attracting the attention of the right type of people.

If you own a service provider business, getting noticed is probably a constant topic on your to-do list: You have to nurture relationships, be constantly prospecting, work on featuring your services online and still find time to actually do your work. The gurus have preached on the need to be omnipresent online, to seek attention… But this has generated another problem: the overwhelm of trying to keep up with social media to grow followers organically.

If you delegate this task to someone who is not versed in your field you may see little to no engagement. However, it’s important to note that in the world of “Insta-famous-influencers” clicks don’t always translate into cash… It’s not just about posting and entertaining your audience. It’s important o focus on quality content that engages and connects with your dream/ideal type of clients.

You don’t need a huge following to have a profitable business. We have seen a massive growth of the so-called ‘Influencers’, but the bubble is starting to burst with the realization most of these people are unable to sell anything to their followers.

I’m writing this article because this is one of the common struggles of my client. Some of them are even posting informative content, active on a few platforms but unable to convert on the new leads… Or even worse, when these leads take up their time on the “free calls” only to reveal they have no minimum budget.

If you are facing a similar struggle in your business the first thing you need to do is to think less about getting yourself known and more about the results you bring to your clients. Then next you want to streamline how you deliver those results.

Read on to learn three approaches to build a personal brand that speaks out to your core audience.

1 Niche down

If you are able to find a very specific need and cater to deliver results to that public only, you will become the to-go expert in that specific topic or field. The catch here is that you really need to be specific. For example, I once came across a guy, that was making consistently $10K months just by teaching people how to do cold calls. He does nothing else! He just teaches people how to do cold calling and he’s on his way to becoming a millionaire in his early 20s.

Another interesting one is this guy making between $5-10K a month selling mini-pigs as pets. I don’t know about you, but I was completely oblivious that such a market even existed! That’s why they say “there are riches in the niches”…

The truth is niching down is quite hard. Most entrepreneurs think that by choosing a niche they are alienating a bigger opportunity. However specialists are in demand, and they are able to command higher rates for their expertise. Further, the more specialized you are, the easier it is to become known in that field. You will waste less time chasing people that don’t matter and you will have more time to master and exceed the expectations of your specific target audience. Most entrepreneurs need some help or encouragement to niche down, so do not be afraid to reach out to a marketing mentor or a coach you trust. You may be just one step away from a major breakthrough in your business.

2. Storytelling

Another excellent way to showcase your business in a unique light is through your stories. Building your personal brand based on your life stories is the best way to differentiate because, quite honestly, there isn’t another one of you out there. That is the reason why storytelling is very popular right now. I’ve done some live videos about storytelling on my Facebook(TM) page, and explained why it is a highly effective way of marketing a business. But in short, humans by nature can’t resist a good story, and the best stories showcase some sort of transformation or vulnerability. In general, people empathize and resonate with struggles faster than they do with wins.

Imagine you have a social media acquaintance called Anna, she has been freelancing for a while and that’s all you know about her professional life. Recently Anna started sharing and boasting about her business offers – just her products and here prices… At first, you’re supportive but then you get tired. Even if her products are nice you don’t want to be sold all the time. However, if Anna is intentional about her Personal Brand, she might do things a bit differently… Just imagine you came across Anna’s journey in a different light. Say you learned that her husband lost his job, her business was not making enough money, and they got to the point they couldn’t even afford milk for their children… Anna starts sharing not only her life but also her business decisions along the way. You then learn Anna worked weekends and late hours, failed, reinvented herself until the day she cracked the code to make big money… Which approach you are most likely to remember? Chances are you’re going more inclined to listen to her second-story… Also, if Anna is offering her services and you’re on her target audience you will probably be very interested to know more about her business and what she’s got in store for you.

If you are naturally a good storyteller you must start including stories in your business communication. If you are not good at it, give it a try. Know that you are leaving money on the table – especially if you are in B2C and your personal brand is a representation of your business.


Leveraging your superpowers is also a good way to build a unique personal brand. This is somehow linked to your niche but in a different way. If you are an entrepreneur/solopreneur, it’s important to know clearly what is that you are really good at doing, or what are the things you do better than anybody else out there. So that you can build your offer around this. In reality, your superpowers are what push your business forward, making it not only profitable but also sustainable in the long run.

I once had a client that was a “Business Coach”. This was too broad, so we uncovered one of her superpowers was actually the ability to sell and persuade on 1-1 conversation. So instead of advertising her services as a business coach. We built upon her Brand Strategy so that she could establish her authority as a Sales Expert. The simple shift from generalist to specialist gave my client more profitable options to offer her services: Some of the options included teaching high caliber coaches on how to close high ticket deals; Offering sales training to small or mid-size family businesses; Running one-day workshops for big corporate teams (sales directors, or team leaders)… Note how she went from speaking to a broad audience that was not even sure about what she offered to a specific target that now can start to recognize her as an expert in her field.

If you would like to explore this option, know that one of the best ways to uncover your superpower is actually by obsessing about the results you can bring to your people: What special abilities do you have today that could make a difference in someone’s life or business? I gave the example of a business coach, but this is applicable to other service providers as well. All you need to do is to find how your unique gifts can be used to deliver amazing results to your customers, and then build and market your offer around it.

I hope this gave you some ideas about differentiation and how you can start to build your personal brand to become known and relevant to your audience. Note that you can use your differentiation points as the basis for your Positioning. So once you understand what elements make you unique, you can go and focus on building authority and credibility around it.

Let me know if you have other thoughts, techniques, or success stories to cut through the noise in the online world. I would love to hear from you!

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