Say that you are at a networking event, a party, or even at church… What’s your reply when someone asks “What do you do?”

– Is your reply straightforward and easy to understand?

– Does it express the value you bring to the table?

Some solopreneurs have a hard time marketing themselves. They either think they need to sell their stuff to everyone (be always closing) or they end up never talking about what they do to anyone (am I good enough?) If you’re kind of stuck in there, before investing in (re)building a beautiful website, a funnel, or dump some money in social media ads I suggest you work on your “offer statement”.

A sharp offer statement serves as your business value proposition. It helps you get clarity on your offer and message, which will then help your audience understand why they should buy from you. Remember, confused minds don’t buy… Unless your audience understands the benefit of working with you, they will not buy from you.

There are different ways to craft your offer statement, If you haven’t seen any, here is the basic structure:

I help__________ [who you help/niche]

do / achieve / overcome / etc ___________ by / thourogh______


Make sure this statement is short… This is not a job interview resume… Also you’re not writing your value proposition to your website. This is just an intro statement.


The more specialized you are, the higher are the rates you may command. Most solopreneurs start as generalists and there is no problem in that. However, as you evolve on your journey you will benefit from niching down. Think about it: if you had a heart attack, who would you rather have to perform your heart surgery? A general practitioner or a heart specialist? (and who would you pay more for?)


Focus on the RESULTS. Are you a coach or consultant? Great… but can you say what does your client gets when they hire you? Why do they hire you for?


Repeat over and over and over again. Make sure that you are saying it out loud ideally with an audience. The more you say it the easier and more confident you will become.


You’re not in the business of being perfect the first time. You’re in the business of failing* fast and learning faster… In the case of your statement, if you feel you are losing people if they seem confused when you mentioned what you do. Keep working on the results you provide. Practice makes perfect.

* Just remember that failing at something / or failure is an event, and like any event, it comes and goes. Failures belong to the PAST. They don’t define you and do not define your future. “Failures” make you stronger if you decide to learn from them. I also have never heard of a single successful person that hasn’t had setbacks so go build that offer statement right now.

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