Hi! I am Giselle

Web-designer, Marketing Strategist and Business Coach

I think “About Me” pages are actually “About You”… Because let’s face it, you have a business need, and if you are on this page chances are you are trying to figure if we are a right fit. Let’s get acquainted to help you decide!

Thank goodness I look young, but I’ve got some wisdom years behind me… After over 15 years working in Brand Marketing and Project Management at big companies life circumstances brought me to Japan and I didn’t speak Japanese… That’s when I felt like I lost my storytelling superpower… I couldn’t even “small talk” with my neighbors (they didn’t speak English). There was when necessity met a dream… I had two options:  be miserable for 3 years, or put my sleeves up, work for myself to fulfill my life purposes. You can guess which one I’ve chosen!

Long story short, today my life and business mission is to help heart-centered business owners build their brands with purpose, and scale through the best digital marketing strategies.

Growth and innovation for your business may happen in all forms, one of them is realizing what specific skillset and strategies will get you to the next level. While you can build that skillset and implement it all by yourself, it may take time and at the end of the day if you are not a brand/marketing expert you are wasting precious time that you could invest on your passion and serving your clients. That’s what I am here for, to help you get clarity on your brand/marketing strategy and get ahead of your competitors without the overwhelming stress of trying to “learn-all-things” overnight.

I will meet you exactly where you are in your business journey.

My Core Values

* Results

* Excellence

* Honesty / Transparency

* Trust

I am grateful to have performed across the segments of Management Consulting, Consumer Electronics and Internet/Digital Startup which all together gives me a rich business perspective and ability to deliver above expectations independent of the type of business I’m working on.

Let me help you grow a profitable business and build your brand with purpose

Being a virtual Marketing manager gives me the opportunity to help you succeed with the flexibility of me being there for my family.

To learn more about my professional experience check my LinkedIn Profile.

If you’re still not tired of reading and are actually curious to know more about me personally, or just want to read the long story I cut short at the top of the page… Let me tell you more (I’m always happy to make new friends 😉 ).  I am a God’s follower, a mother of two boys, a wife, and a “go-get-it” type of person, who happens to come from very humble origins.

You see, attending a university may not a big deal for many, but it was for me. When you are the first in your family to get past high school, and able to join an elite of highly educated people (debt-free BTW), you start to see the world from lenses you never imagined. Despite all odds, I attended some of the best universities on the planet and graduated with honors. I’ve been grateful for every learning opportunity and never ceased to believe my dreams. I believe “impossible things” do happen when you work for them.

My backstory includes helping my mom sell clothes door to door as a child and taking IT classes during high school. I Then became a software developer. After four years into SQLs procedures, I realized coding screens didn’t necessarily make me happy… In 2005 I joined a strategy and implementation consulting firm while I was still finishing my undergrad classes. My day started at 05:30 am. I would work all day and attend my undergrad classes from 7:00 to 11:00 pm. Years later, I left that job to join a European company that took me out of Brazil (my home country) and into an amazing international career I had never dreamt of.

I was climbing that corporate ladder with eagerness! Well… That was until I found love sitting next to me on an airplane… correction, I found the love of my life… and love always changes everything. That short flight between Paris and Lisbon changed my life forever. Fast-forwarding today I have two boys and live with my beloved sailor under yearlong sunshine in southern USA.

I never stopped being a driven person, it’s just having children completely shifted my priorities. Why would I get stuck in an office, working 40+ hours a week Mon-Fri when I can just spend time with my children and deliver the same value to my clients on my own schedule?

The knowledge I hold today is a collection of sleepless nights, very early morning, and long working days for many years. Thousands of hours of self-taught education, formal education and hard work… I’m grateful I have the energy to work, and a desire to learn more everyday, as this is for me one of our missions on earth “to never settle with what one already knows” and “never be so selfish to do not share with others”… 

This is getting too philosophical … Back to biz! Do I actually work less? Probably not, I still work a lot (remember those two kids? They add to the jam!), but I work smarter to get the best results for me and my clients.

Why I am telling you this? Because when you trust your business with me you can rest assured I got you covered. Tell me your story. Let’s find out what makes your business unique and what you need to scale.

Let’s talk about your goals and how we can take your business to the next level.