Let’s talk about email lists: are they valuable assets or a waste of time?

I went live on this topic today, but in case you missed my video here is what you should know.

There is value in building a list DEPENDING on which stage you are in your business.

Building a business is like an orchestra. Several instruments may play together to get the expected result. If you start a play with 10 instruments, and in the middle of it certain players drop out, what happens?
You may not get the final piece to sound amazing…
Then it’s better to start with ONE instrument, and play that song well, rather than start with several and drop them out in the middle.
So consistency is key. Both in the frequency you are going to send these emails, and showing up in the platforms you are choosing to communicate with your audience. There is no value in spreading you/your team too thin

Building a profitable email list.

If you decide you are building an email list, one that is profitable, then be committed to NURTURING your list.
Give valuable information, make sure you’re also SERVING your audience, and not only hitting them up when you want to sell something.
Now, when it’s NOT WORTH IT building a list?

  • When you are just starting.
  • When you still need to fine-tune your message and online packages (know exactly what you sell, to who, and why they should buy from you)
  • When you don’t like writing or know that your audience doesn’t open emails (they may associate an email with work, and social media with fun). Meet your audience where they are.

Don’t forget it’s much faster for you to get clients out of social media than spending a bunch of time creating a freebie, making a landing page/funnel when you don’t even have your message fined tuned to your audience yet.

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