Did you know that having a business is like having a party?
Imagine you are going to give a party.
You buy the food, you get your favorite songs on a Spotify playlist, perhaps you even get some stuff for decorations and plan some activities and games.
You clean your house, organize, hide the unfolded laundry in the guest bedroom… You know the drill.
Then it’s the party day! Everything is ready!!
You are waiting for your guests.
You wait… and wait… and wait, but nobody shows up.
That is when you realize that you forgot to invite people 😶
I mean… you have mentioned about the party. You talked about it, your friends seemed positive about your preparations.
But you didn’t invite anybody.
Does that sound weird? You worked sooo hard, you planed, you got all you needed to throw this amazing party, but you didn’t invite people to show up and party with you.

You may find this is a silly thing… But it happens ALL the time with business owners.
You work so hard getting degrees, gaining experience, getting certifications, building your beautiful platforms, planning launches, practicing – just overall getting awesome at what you do… But for some reason, you are reluctant to sell that to the people who really want and need to know about it.

If you are a business owner (or planning to be) how often do you invite people to buy from you?
In order to have a profitable business you need to be able to sell -> which doesn’t necessarily mean you personally selling, but as the business owner, you must create opportunities for people to buy from yo

💣 Why you do all this work and don’t invite people to ‘party’ (buy) with you?
💣 Are you afraid that you don’t really know your stuff?
💣 Are you afraid that people will think that you are sales-y?

Are you scared that people will judge you just because you are doing your best to put food on the table?

Thinking about the party metaphor, could you imagine someone would say: “Can you believe she has the audacity to invite me to her party?!”

If someone said that to you they are most definitely not a good guest to your party, and in such case you would not want them there anyway!

It’s the same with your potential clients!

The right clients are there waiting for you to sell to them.

If someone thinks it’s outrageous that you are actually selling your products and services that person is simply not your client and that is OK! Let them go on with their lives and you go on with yours.

You are not chocolate to please everyone…

Now there are times you think you’re not ready with all the planning… Then you don’t ask for the sale.

Let me tell you… Just invite people over!

Haven’t you been through a situation when you were still getting ready and people started arriving?

I certainly had, and to my surprise, people stepped in and helped me make my party awesome! You don’t need to have it ‘all together’ to start getting clients.

Just start before you are ready! Start sharing about your new business or your new offers and invite people to buy from you.

The more you do it, the easier and more natural it will become. But if you don’t know how to do this naturally, let me know.

If you are ready to grow a profitable business but don’t know where your clients are or how you can position your message to entice them to buy from you. Just DM me to see if you are a good fit for one of my programs.

I help my clients attract their Dream Clients and grow a profitable business with ease and grace without sacrificing their values.

I’m inviting you to work with me and celebrate your growth!

Are you coming?